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About Christopher

Christopher Monzon is a product of Hialeah and he is proud of having grown up in our community and now he wants to serve it to the best of his ability .

Christopher has been involved with community activism for over 5 years and he is dedicated to putting the needs of Hialeah’s residents first and to improving Hialeah’s quality of life. Christopher is currently a student at Miami Dade college where he is obtaining his associate’s degree in political science. He worked for the 2020 Trump campaign as a precinct coordinator with the Florida Victory Team. He also served as an Republican executive committeeman in the Republican Party of Miami Dade County.

Now, he wants to work for you!

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Next Election

November 2nd 2021

Issues & Solutions

Christopher Monzon's Platform

  • Clearing and maintenance of our storm drains 
  • The repair of our potholes and utilizing high quality, environmentally friendly concrete that will reduce heat and will last, therefore saving our residents money
  • The creation of an app and chat line to report any flooding or pot holes within our city.
  • Implementing pedestrian crosswalks to ensure that our pedestrians can safely walk our streets
  • Pave our roads in a manner which reduces our traffic
  • A proactive and vigourous approach to assisting Hialeah’s businesses which have been heavily impacted by the covid 19 pandemic
  • The creation of a simple and direct manner to establish a business in Hialeah
  • Creating an environment  where small businesses are not only simple to establish but where they can thrive and be treated fairly by the city government
  • Upgrade and improve existing parks
  •  Establishing new parks and green spaces
  • Create new sports programs for our youth such as hockey and football
  • Introduce new summer programs 
  • Lower our city’s taxes by reducing unnecessary bureaucracy
  • Ensuring an accessible and transparent government 
  • The reduction of taxes of our elderly homeowners over 65
  • Building in a manner which beautifies and improves our city
  • Ensure that all construction projects benefit the people of Hialeah
  • Prevent overcrowding resulting from overdevelopment
  • Provide every necessary resource to our fire department so that they may do their job safely and effectively 
  • Build new fire stations in the newer areas of Hialeah such as the annex west of I-75
P1 (1)
  • Increased support for our excellent police department in order to give our police officers the resources to more safely and effectively prevent crime
  • Add more police officers to the Hialeah police department
  • Establishment of a gang unit along with a human trafficking division 
  • Implementing the latest training and technology to fight crime

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